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LIH: 2013 Fall Preview Indie Films

7 Oct

LIH listed our Fall Top 10 most anticipated wide release films a few weeks ago. Now we want to share our Top 10 most anticipated limited release films for this fall season. Please Enjoy!

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What is a Sleeper-Hit Film?

26 Nov

What’s a sleeper-hit film? How does a film become a sleeper-hit? The Silver Lining Playbook earned the best screen average amongst the Top 10 films in theaters this weekend and on its way to becoming a sleeper hit. In this article we will explore  marketing strategies used to make a sleeper-hit. Plus look into how many sleeper-hits turned into sequels?

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Why Films Open in Limited Release?

1 Feb

Second article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

LIH Welcomes Guest Author-Jess

With the Oscars just around the corner, the 26th of February couldn’t come any faster for those anticipating the show. But besides the excitement on what certain actresses are wearing and winner for Best Picture, there are also those watching the show to see what new and exciting movies are soon to be coming out this year.

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