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Hollywood Take 2: Final Break

8 Sep

This week in Hollywood: Essential Stories

  • -Kristen Stewart finally comes out of hiding to promote On The Road at TIFF (Toronto Independent Film Festival).
  • -Robert Pattinson and cast of the Twilight Saga show “exclusive clip” of Breaking Dawn 2 at MVAs.
  • -Celebrity comedy couple Amy Poehler and Will Arnett split!

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“I Love Him, I Love Him”: The Fall Of Twilight And Kristen Stewart

27 Aug

Three words “I Love Him” given in a statement to the media seemed to confirm what some fans of The Twilight Saga believe despite the fact that the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was not confirmed until July 25, 2012. That confirmation came from one person, Kristen Stewart. Kristen, you did jeopardize the one thing you respect the most: Your career.

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn- “Robsten Decoded”

11 Feb

LIH: Special Edition

By  Parisienne

The relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan is one of triumph over tragedy.  It also appears to be a relationship that passionate fans of the Saga cannot get enough of, in fantasy or reality.  Recently, I purchased a book called Bitten By Twilight: Youth Culture, Media, and the Vampire Franchise because I find it interesting how works of fiction can have a profound impact on the daily lives of people.  I plan on writing about each chapter in the book at later dates but first I wanted to start with Chapter 13.

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Kristen Stewart “Victim” of the American Educational System?

17 Oct

By Comic Relief

Clearly a lot of people were confused when, “Kristen Stewart Lashes out at Teachers, Says They Failed Her” the title of an article published by the Huffington Post.com based on a  British GQ interview.  Many probably wondered, “How could an actress as successful as Stewart find anything wrong with any aspect of her upbringing?”

For our non-U.S. audience, you may have heard but education in the United States isn’t what it used to be.  The country is very large and the quality of education is frequently uneven for many who live in both rural areas and urban areas.  Graduates from these public schools often complain how educational levels have plummeted in the last thirty or forty years; using their educations as evidence.[1]

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The Price of Fame

14 Oct

By Parisienne

Last month, pictures of Robert Pattinson were posted online.  He came out of an agency in L.A. looking angry and balling up his fist at the paparazzo that took the photos.  I’m not going to link to the website here because I refuse to give them hits.  I have never seen a photo of Rob angry before and have read many fan encounters with him and all of them are extremely positive.

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