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Movie Buzz: 09/21

21 Sep

Resident Evil: Retribution took first spot at the box office this weekend ($21.1M). Finding Nemo 3D came in at #2 ($16.7M) and Posession took #3 ($5.8M) Let’s see how they did and if they are worth the money!

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Hollywood Take 2: Dusted off just like New!

17 Mar

We frequently hear that innovation is the engine of a robust economy. Yet in the real world, when we need to perform in an expedient fashion we frequently just need to make do. That means we settle for the use of older yet efficient standbys (or stuff that happens to be around), regardless of the tug of our higher ideals.  Remarkably, we sometimes find that using that option is exactly what we needed to do in the first place.  We know we have chosen correctly because this is where we find our reward. This time our weekly Hollywood review accounts for the way Hollywood appears to be winning thanks to the use of some: newly ready and prepared veterans, the use of a now nearly standard method for producing Block Buster franchises, and one extremely tired and currently underused premise.  Will these options provide the return on investment we desire?  Though we will have to wait for verifications, in preliminary evaluations, the answer appears to be “yes.

Essential Stories:

  • New Tours From Old Favorites
  • Does Hollywood crave paradigm change?
  • Triumphant after reissue?

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