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Up & Coming Bio-Pics

8 Jul

Following on from last week’s must see biopics, we thought it would be interesting to look at the soon to be release biographical feature films. Although a lot of these films are limited release they may be released wider nearer to awards season or if they prove to be popular or money makers!

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Her Majesty’s Secret Service and its Relationship to James Bond

28 Nov

1st. Article of a 6 week Series: The Royal Family’s Influence on Pop Culture 

With this year being the Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II, we decided to look at the Royal Family and their impact in pop culture. Easing our way into it, we’ll look at Her Majesty’s Secret Service (who help provide intelligence to her protection team) and James Bond who is also celebrating 50 years of films (the Queen has attended three premiers and she had Bond escort her to the opening ceremony of the Olympics!).

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: The Hobbit Trilogy

4 Aug

This week we’ll be briefly looking at the new president of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Then we’ll move onto the announcement made by Peter Jackson on his film The Hobbit. Finally, we will look at the new Bond trailer and the 5 minutes long Cloud Atlas trailer.


  • Hawk Koch: The new president of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • The Hobbit will be a Trilogy 
  • New Trailers: Skyfall and Cloud Atlas

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