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Female Moviegoers are Fickle

15 May

The last Article in our series “ The Next Generation of Films for Women.”

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival finally opened this week and despite my excitement I still can’t get over the lack of female filmmakers in the festival.  Now granted this year they did manage to squeeze in one female director; her name is Valeria Bruni-Tedeschis and the film in competition is A Villa in Italy. Can this lack of diversity in festivals like Cannes and others be due to other mitigating factors? What’s causing women to get passed over? Are female moviegoers really to blame for female filmmakers not advancing?

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Women’s Silent Era Success and New Century Supremacy?

8 May

4th article in our series Next Generation of Films for Women

Nominating Katherine Bigalow’s work “The Hurt Locker” (2008), “Zero Dark Thirty” (2012), we will prescribe her as an antidote for contemporary weaknesses in popular filmmaking. This article will also predict what other female filmmakers will once again rise to the occasion and save audiences from the kinds of predictability that are apparent in so many contemporary films. That’s right, women will be Hollywood’s secret weapon, once again stale ideas, myopic visions, and impotent paradigmatic planning will eventually be overturned.  Unlike yesterdays Hollywood, in tomorrow’s Hollywood it will be the male acting stars that will be running for exposure in breathe-taking female helmed productions.  Judging from the ambitiousness of their current work, their future work will likely have the narrative and dramatic experiences current Hollywood films are missing.  But you may be asking what did he mean by “once again?”

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