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The Future of DVD and Blu Ray Packaging (Part 2)

17 Dec

In a previous article we discussed some of the misunderstandings regarding differences between the promotional missions of posters and DVD’s and Blu-ray packaging options.  Satisfied that these media address entirely different missions we can move forward. Though the same film may feature in both campaigns, we have to accept that the promotion of first run films is extremely different than the secondary market and promotion of home video sales. The winners in one may not necessarily be the winners in another.  It may be startling to recognize that a story telling vehicle has become more of a product than an attempt to build a unique narrative experience. Stopping at that transformation makes it difficult to recognize what the new package design configurations may mean in the seduction and captivation of audiences.  1. Along the way I intend to address what considerations occur in trying to motivate audiences to come to theaters versus those considerations that have them bring the video into their homes on a long-term basis.  2. Review how film production departments or stations might change their goals in the process of achieving these marketing agendas.  And 3. Discuss what package design configurations end products may take to overwhelm audiences regarding the original narrative experience.

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Hollywood Take 2: Dusted off just like New!

17 Mar

We frequently hear that innovation is the engine of a robust economy. Yet in the real world, when we need to perform in an expedient fashion we frequently just need to make do. That means we settle for the use of older yet efficient standbys (or stuff that happens to be around), regardless of the tug of our higher ideals.  Remarkably, we sometimes find that using that option is exactly what we needed to do in the first place.  We know we have chosen correctly because this is where we find our reward. This time our weekly Hollywood review accounts for the way Hollywood appears to be winning thanks to the use of some: newly ready and prepared veterans, the use of a now nearly standard method for producing Block Buster franchises, and one extremely tired and currently underused premise.  Will these options provide the return on investment we desire?  Though we will have to wait for verifications, in preliminary evaluations, the answer appears to be “yes.

Essential Stories:

  • New Tours From Old Favorites
  • Does Hollywood crave paradigm change?
  • Triumphant after reissue?

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Super Bowl 2012: Best Movie Trailers

6 Feb

By Open Book

There were a number of movie trailers to debut during Super Bowl Sunday.  The price tag for advertising during the Super Bowl is quite expensive despite lack luster results. We often hear about the production cost of films, yet, marketing a film can be just as costly. In this article we will review the movie trailers that debut during Super Bowl Sunday and look at the cost for running those ads.

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