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Golden Globe Nominations: Flirting with Tradition

19 Dec

By Comic Relief

Though there’s certainly a lot to say about the importance or relevance of the Golden Globes Awards ceremony, one has to accept it is one of the arbiters of Hollywood and western filmic cultural taste.  Just to be transparent, we at LIH have been critical of the ceremony in the past.  If you want to see what we said about last year’s ceremony please click here [1].  At other Hollywood concerned sites, cultural critics like Deadline.com’s Internet maven, Nikki Finke believe the Golden Globes ceremony has lost all credibility do to it’s frequent pandering to Hollywood special interests [2].  Going back as far as Pia Zadora’s 1982 frankly nepotistic (and possible financial donation) and actual nomination as “New Star of the Year”, MSN.com’s Danny Miller echoes Finke’s concern when he even references a full history of scandalous occurrences that appear to tarnish the ceremonies’ validity[3]. Continue reading