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The Drive-By Music Business

4 Feb

By 4string

I’m a musician and avid music lover. I love my iTunes as much as the next person, but is it hurting artists? Is it driving down the quality of music on an album? In the last ten years, there seems to be a trend of record companies pushing single song sales rather than pushing the whole album. Are artists being encouraged to merely deliver the big hit song rather than take the time and craft a CD full of quality material?  Continue reading

Pay-Per-View Movies at home?

22 Oct

By: Lurker

Would you pay $25 to watch a newly released movie at home?

Hollywood studios recently won an FCC ruling allowing them to stream movies directly to the home via a pay-per-view type service. The FCC also granted them the ability to restrict recording capabilities should they choose to pursue. MPAA secured this restriction as a play against online piracy and copyright protection. So the question is up to consumers, would you pay to watch recent movie at home only once for $25 while waiting to purchase a DVD? Continue reading

Studios prepping $30-per-film rental service?

29 Sep

Would you pay at home to watch a movie before it comes out on DVD?