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Oscar Party!

27 Feb

It’s our first ONLINE OSCAR Party! Bookmark our site and come back at 6p E !

Red Carpet begins at 6p E

U.S. TV Coverage begins 7p E .

Awards show starts at 8p E on your local ABC station!

To view the Red Carpet LiveStream Event follow the link below.


We will be updating this page with real-time event winners and sharing views and opinions in the comments below, along with links to various online streaming events.

Join us for some online excitement with friends from around the world!

See you tonight!

LIVE Updates:

First  Oscar presented for Art Decoration and Set Decoration by Tom Hanks: Alice in Wonderland

Cinamatography presented by Tom Hanks: Inception

Kirk Douglas! Yes he deserves Bold, presented the academy award for best supporting actress to Melissa Leo – who was clearly stunned, shocked and delivered a beautiful acceptance speech.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin The Social Network

Best Original Screenplay: David Siedler The King’s Speech

Best Orignal Score: The Social Network  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Best Achievement in Sound: Inception

Best Achievement in Sound Editing: Inception

Best Achievement in Makeup: The Wolfman

Best Achievement in Costume Design: Colleen Atwood

Best Short Documentary: Strangers No More

Best Original Song:  Randy Newman – Toy Story 3

Best Documentary Feature: Inside Job

Best Live Action Short: God of Love

Best Visual Effects: Inception

Best Film Editing: The Social Network

Best Directing: Tom Hooper The King’s Speech

Best Actress:  Natalie Portman

Best Actor: Colin Firth

Do Comedies Win Oscars?

25 Feb

By: Open Book

There is nothing like a good comedy to help you forget about your troubles. It’s surprising how few comedies have won an Oscar for Best Picture in the last decade. In an effort to see what comedies have actually won an Oscar, required a little bit of digging.

Here we go!!

Academy Award Winning: Best Picture Comedies [1)

1999American Beauty

1998Shakespeare In Love

1994Forest Gump

1989Driving Miss Daisy

1977Annie Hall

1975One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

1973The Sting

1964My Fair Lady

1963Tom Jones

1960The Apartment


1957Around The World In Eighty Days

What is fascinating from this research? Over the last decade there’s not been one comedy to win an Oscar since 1999.[2] It seems ever since the recession fewer comedies are being produced in Hollywood.  Why is that?  Do people see fewer comedies when times are hard?  What are your favorite comedic films over the last decade (2000-2010) and why?

International Actors Playing American Superheroes-Part 2

15 Feb

By: Open Book

Today, reality T.V.is a favorite past time in America.  Some say it began back in 1992 with a show called The Real World on MTV. But in fact, it began much earlier on PBS with a show called An American Family in 1973.  The idea was the brainchild of a documentary film producer, Craig Gilbert in 1971.  He believed Americans were tired of situational comedies about families, like The Brady Bunch, Father Know Best and Ozzie and Harriet and wanted to try something new. But it’s important to mention, in 1973, 100,000 Americans lost jobs due to a number of US car manufacturers closing plants.[1] Needless to say, when An American Family aired in 1973, the show was a major success making it one of the most watched shows on PBS and it lasted for 12 episodes.[2] So what does all this have to do with American actors loosing jobs to International actors? A lot!  Continue reading

Battle for the box office

9 Feb

By Lurker

Due to the recent flurry of articles published on the Internet regarding British actors taking roles in the U.S., we decided to take a look at the box office numbers for the domestic U.S. and compare those with the international numbers.  Reviewing box office sales, a declining trend is prevalent in U.S. numbers beginning in 2003 [1]. It’s been a slow trending decline for ticket sales averaging a year over year loss of 2%, for a total of 16% loss in 8 years.   In looking at recent Hollywood trends, we have discussed here a number of tactics that Hollywood is trying to employ to stave off the box office decline, which includes cheaper productions including actors from all over the globe.  However, when looking for trends and comparisons patterns emerged as we looked over top movies for a three-year period 2008-2010. The numbers were quite intriguing and set off some interesting side research to see if the trends prevailed! The numbers suggest international box office trends for genres and subject matter vary in some degree from the U.S. box office when analyzed in a side-by-side comparison. Let ‘s take a look … Continue reading

International Actors Playing American Superheroes-Part 1

5 Feb

By: Open Book

Warner Brothers finally revealed who will play the iconic Superman character in their next film, British actor Henry Cavill. However, Americans are complaining more and more acting jobs are being outsourced to British, Australian and Canadian actors. Jimmy Kimmel (a late night talk show host) gave a funny monologue in which he highlighted all American Superheroes like Spiderman, Batman and Superman, are now being played by British actors.[1] Yet, casting agents are blaming the Internet!!  In a recent article on Reuters online entitled American Superheroes Missing in Hollywood [2]a casting agent stated; “Thanks to the Net, casting directors can now e-mail sides (script pages) to the most remote of locales, and then record auditions they will show directors and producers. Not only does that level the playing field, it also saves money on far-flung casting calls. We as casting directors want to be thorough, and now we can…………”  Continue reading