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Should a Costume Support the Narrative or the Fans?

25 Apr

By Open Book

Audiences only have a month to go before seeing Ryan Reynolds‘ CGI costume in action. Green Lantern opens in theaters June 17, 2011.  There’s been much concern over Reynolds costume after news circulated Warner Brothers were creating an all CGI costume for the emerald superhero. However, what set off alarm bells was the July 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly after fans got a peak at the costume. Was that a good idea? In this article, we will look into what comic book fans are saying today and see if it’s a good idea to change a costume to please fans?

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MTV Live Interview: Water for Elephants

18 Mar

Robert Pattinson will be promoting Water for Elephants today with a live interview on MTV.  He answered questions that fans tweeted to MTV. We would like to hear your thoughts about his interview. What did you like or dislike about the interview? What questions did you want to hear that were not asked?

Follow the link to the exclusive new clip and the video interview.

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Water for Elephants:The Ultimate Escape!

16 Mar

Second in our series on Water for Elephants

By: Open Book

Have you seen many films about the circus in the last decade? Do you know how and why circus films came about in America? The film Water for Elephants, which is based on author Sara Gruen’s #1 New York Times bestselling novel of the same name, opens in theaters April 22nd. So as a tribute to Water for Elephants and old Hollywood, we’d like to revisit the genesis of the nostalgic film genre of the 1930’s and 40’s. As some of you know, Water for Elephants is a depression-era love story and the circus provides the framework.  However, what you may not know, a lot of films produced during the period were about the circus!  So we will examine why circus films were popular and why Water for Elephants is a celebration to the “Golden Age” of cinema. Continue reading

Did African American’s go MIA in Hollywood? Part-2

3 Mar

By: Lurker

Part-2 of this series will focus on how well films featuring African American stories and actors perform domestically versus internationally.  In the same way we analyzed the numbers from our previous article Battle for the box office, we evaluated the numbers and percentages. One trend carried over from that first article where I am Legend and Hancock stood out. However, in part 1 the questions regarding why centered on two ideas, slow output and lack of knowledge of consumer demands. So let’s see what’s going on…  Continue reading

Did African American’s go MIA in Hollywood? Part-1

1 Mar

By: Open Book

Did African American actors go “missing in action” in Hollywood last year? Obviously the Academy Awards thought so and sprinkled a few into their broadcast for good measure. African American past Oscar nominees and winners were presenters this year but none were nominated? Mainstream news media reported a few weeks ago, why they thought people of color weren’t nominated for an Oscar this year. The big story by the New York Times entitled Hollywood’s Whiteout[1] was an attempt to goat African American’s into screaming foul play by Hollywood. Yet, African American audiences did not fall for it. Why? Before anyone get’s excited!!! This is not another article about African American’s being discriminated against in Hollywood. No! Instead this is about recognizing African American’s influence, business savvy, creativity and achievements in Hollywood. Also, Part-2 of this series will focus on how well films featuring African American stories and actors perform domestically and internationally.  Continue reading