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What Women Want From Films

1 May

3rd. Article in our 5-week series on The Next Generation of Films for Women

It’s common knowledge that men and women differ somewhat when it comes to what to watch at the cinema. Men like action and sci-fi, women like romantic comedies and dramas. But the majority of us know these are just clichés. Men and women like a range of genres, not just the assigned stereotypical ones. However there is a problem when it comes to female driven movies that aim to be something more than just the usual superficial films that we expect. Continue reading

All Good Things Must Come To An End: Some Need More Help Than Others

25 Mar

When Harry Potter ended, many consumers were saddened by the end of the franchise.  However, J. K. Rowling gave them Pottermore to help them relive the series. Click here to view.

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Breaking Dawn-To Preach Or Not To Preach? That Is The Question: Mormonism Within The Twilight Saga

4 Nov

Stephenie Meyer is a practicing Mormon and a graduate of Brigham Young University. Many readers of the saga may not know that she instilled her own beliefs into her novels. This article examines the essay written by Margaret Toscano as she takes a closer look at the doctrines of the church and how they weave into the texts. Continue reading

The New Hollywood Costume Exhibit

22 Oct

On Saturday the new Hollywood Costume exhibit opened at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. It features more than 100 costumes of the world’s most famous film characters covering a span of a century. Most of the clothes have never been shown publically before, other than on screen of course.

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Live The Golden Globes

9 Jan

Join us this coming Sunday evening for the 2012 Golden Globes! Get your popcorn and drinks and laptops handy, turn on the TV for the start of the Red Carpet at 7pm and comment with us on the dresses and stay with us thru the Golden Globe awards show presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. We will being live at 7pm E to cover the Red Carpet and continue into NBC’s coverage that begins at 8pm E.

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