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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: Crowd Funding For The Goon

13 Oct

This week we’ll be looking at crowd funding for The Goon. Next we’ll take a brief look at Paramount’s announcement of a new theme park in the U.K. And finally we’ll get to see the new hotly anticipated Hitchcock trailer! So we will revisit these events and ask you to share your thoughts.

Essential Stories:


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Hollywood Take 2: “Life of Pi”

29 Sep

For all of the many political events to occur over the last few weeks this Hollywood Take 2 may sound a little evasive.  Yet rest assured, there is a reason for so much partisan neutrality in this political season. Hollywood has the uncanny ability to just keep on going despite changes in national temperament, changes of the status quo, or any other change to the national ecology (whether any of these events occur or not).  Maybe it’s “the show must go on,” or another productive aphorism yet resilience can’t be underestimated or ignored in the US’ entertainment capital.  If there were any ongoing mandatory policy in the town, entertainment sustainability is always in fashion.

That said most of this week’s stories contradict conventional expectations regarding their content.


  • Life of Pi
  • Sheppard Smith apologizes for Fox News airing video taped suicide
  • John Travolta 1, Tabloids O
  • Judge Dredd Box Office Dead despite Comic Con Endorsement
  • Another Abraham Lincoln Bio pic

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Hollywood Take 2: African Village Closed

11 Aug

You might notice the stories are overwhelmingly political for this addition.  We apologize but a goal of this column is to feature stories (that we may or may not cover) yet appear addressed in multiple places in the media.  In this way we throw the net out wide, and pull in much of whatever appears to be reported about Hollywood or entertainment internationally.  Frequently we have to neglect articles that are the output of successful PR firms that are essentially self-promotion and aren’t news at all.  To avoid these articles we may veer on the idiosyncratic yet the topics still have wide market appeal.  Addressing the Olympics, the media specifically, and attempts to highlight the way Hollywood is implicated in the general American election, we have unearthed a range of political discussions that define last week in the entertainment industry.

 Essential Stories:

  • African Village Closed
  • Fareed Zakaria Suspended by CNN
  • Hollywood Leftist Elites Disclosed

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: The Hobbit Trilogy

4 Aug

This week we’ll be briefly looking at the new president of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Then we’ll move onto the announcement made by Peter Jackson on his film The Hobbit. Finally, we will look at the new Bond trailer and the 5 minutes long Cloud Atlas trailer.


  • Hawk Koch: The new president of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • The Hobbit will be a Trilogy 
  • New Trailers: Skyfall and Cloud Atlas

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

28 Jul

Hopefully we are not being too self-conscious by saying there is one area of the entertainment industry LIH rarely covers.  Though there are purely pragmatic reasons this happens; the easiest to recall is the most mundane.   This site for Cinephiles rarely discusses sports because it rarely appears at the cinema multiplexes.  Using the Free Dictionary by Farlex, the Olympics Games is commonly defined as:

a. (used with a pl. verb) A group of modern international athletic contests held as separate winter and summer competitions every four years in a different city. In 1994 the winter games were moved ahead two years so that the winter and summer games would alternate every two years.

b. (used with a sing. verb) The set of contests that occur in one season: an Olympic Games that was boycotted by many countries. Also called Olympics. [1]

Hopefully we will continue to push beyond our passive lack of acknowledgement of this entertainment arena.  Certainly the continued punishment of the Penn State football team by the NCAA has ripple affects that impact everyone who relies on entertainment for their amusement [2].  As usual all stories in this installment of Hollywood Take 2 were widely reported in the media.


  • 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony
  • Unraveled “Robsten”
  • Hollywood addresses violence 

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