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Hollywood’s Color Line: Amongst Black Actresses

11 Feb

In recognition of Black History month in America, LIH wanted to focus on black actresses in Hollywood. After watching a documentary called America Beyond the Color Line by Henry Louis Gates Jr. we thought we explore how well black actresses are doing in Hollywood today? Does Hollywood still favor light over darker skinned toned actresses today? Can talent eradicate the color line?  Continue reading

What Makes An Actor/Actress Marketable?

7 Dec

By Ozzie

First to begin to understand what makes an actor marketable, we must understand what “marketable” in the acting world means. In Hollywood, it means whether the actor can be “packaged up” and sold to the film executives and later on, to the public. It’s the way an actor is presented to make them desirable which helps on securing future roles and the promotion of the film when it is later released. So what makes an actor marketable? Well, it all comes down to a few key pieces that will make the actor whole.[1]

Continue reading