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Hollywood Meltdown: Is The Industry Imploding On Itself?

24 Jul

The Great Emancipator almost was not great enough for the big screen. According to Steven Spielberg, Lincoln, was extremely close to being premiered on HBO.  Despite his film grossing over 182 million dollars in the domestic box office, he has spoken out about the implosion of Hollywood.

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James Gandolfini 1961 – 2013

24 Jun

Last Thursday the world found out about the premature death of James Gandolfini. He died of a heart attack last Wednesday in Rome at the age of 51. James was on a short family vacation, travelling around Italy before he had to set off to attend The Taormina Film Festival in Scilly. On the 22nd he was to take part in a discussion about Italian-American views on cinema and was also set to receive the Taormina City Prize. Unfortunately, that was never to be. [1] In this article we’ll be taking a brief look at James’ life and his work.

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The Making Of Behind The Candelabra

3 Jun

Behind The Candelabra focuses on the ups and downs of Liberace (a famous pianist) and Scott Thorson’s secret relationship which lasted from 1977 to 1982. It is directed by Steven Soderbergh; Liberace is played by Michael Douglas and Scott is played by Matt Damon.

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Water for Elephants: First Look

8 Apr

HBO will be airing  a behind the scenes look at the upcoming movie Water for Elephants via their First Look series beginning in April.

HBO’s updated schedule indicates there are two airings on Saturday 4/9 and 3 airings on Sunday 4/10

HBO2 East at 7:45am

HBO2 West at 10:45am

HBO’s  On-Demand Channel begins airings on 4/11.

Please check the schedule and your local listings on HBO for exact showtimes!