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Producer Powerhouses

7 Nov

When viewing credits of a film, you may find not one, not two, but perhaps more than 3 producers. Just who are these individuals and what is their “job” as producer?  A producer is one who is responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of making a film (play, TV show, etc…).

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Can Filmmakers Be Blamed for Violent Crimes?

30 Jul

Linked In Hollywood has discussed violence in the media from various perspectives. Yet, the argument over excessive film violence seems to divide some consumers and producers. Can filmmakers really be blamed for violent crimes in America? In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre, Harry Weinstein has called for a “summit” among filmmakers to discuss how viewers are influenced by graphic movies.[1] However, gallop polls on current gun laws, crime rate, environmental and family involvement paints quite a different picture.  In this article I’ve provided research on what may contribute to the increase and decrease in violence in America.  Please watch video below.

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