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Hollywood Type Cast: Curse or Blessing?

12 Nov

Being typecast in the Hollywood community is like getting lice: you don’t want it and it’s an extreme pain to get rid of.  Most of the time, an actor who is considered typecast either 1)plays the same character in every film or 2) stars in a film franchise early in their career making it difficult for audiences to see them as anyone else.  Sometimes it’s both 1 and 2.  In this article we will look at actors and actresses who have escaped being typecast or have built blockbuster careers from it and those who can’t seem to escape the big “T”. Continue reading

Hollywood United State Presidents

31 Oct

There are many documentaries/films about true US Presidents, but there are also many films about fictional US Presidents.  Some are just background to the plot, but some are the forefront of the film.  When thinking about a President, most of us want someone who has integrity, determination, drive, and a desire to help his country.  In this article we will discuss five fictional movie Presidents who have these traits. Continue reading