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Hollywood Morals on Violence

13 Feb

4th article in our series on “Gun Violence in the Media.

It is not an illusion: violence in films is getting more violent.  Most of society is desensitized , as it’s been a subtle shift over decades.  If you look at old Western films, you see the bad guys get shot, but there’s never any blood.  You hear the bang of the gun and down they go.  Not only do you see blood in today’s films but also brains explode, insides ooze or blast out of the body, and hear the sound of tissue tearing and disintegrating.

There is an ongoing debate among society and Hollywood that violence in films does or does not have a strong influence on the real world.  In light of recent shootings over the last several years and the President’s goal of gun control, one might think that Hollywood should put a kibosh on excessive violence.  In this article we will discuss Hollywood’s rating system and opinion of violence. Continue reading

Who Should Take Social Responsibility for the Desensitization of America?

23 Jan

1st. Article in our 5-week series on “Gun Violence in the Media.”

Welcome to our five-week series on Gun Violence in the Media. You may have seen the video of Wayne LaPierre chief executive officer of The National Rifle Association (NRA) pointing the finger at filmmakers for gun violence in America. Yet, the NRA’s Hollywood Guns exhibit seems to celebrate filmmakers for their most violent films ever?[1]  Who should take social responsibility for the desensitization of America filmmakers or the NRA?

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