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What Does a Mosquito & Paparazzi Have in Common?

10 Aug

Third article in our series on the Paparazzi/Gossip Industry.

By Littlebells

* Flash! * Snap! * Click! *

Whether you are a star in the making, an A-list movie star, or a D-list actor, chances are you have had several “papateco or paparazzi in your face with their bff, the camera.  What is a papateco?  A Sicilian term for oversize mosquito or buzzing insect.[1]  Appropriate, no?

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History of Gossip Columnists

3 Aug

Second article of a five week series on the Paparazzi/Gossip Industry.

By Ozzie

With so many gossip magazines and websites we were interested in seeing where it all started. In this article we will be looking at the first three major gossip columnist and some notable writers that followed. Do you know who they are?

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Inside The Tabloid Engine in Hollywood

27 Jul

First of a five week series on The Paparazzi & Gossip Industry.

By Open Book

We’ve written about  tabloid and gossip from different vantage points here on LIH.  In previous articles Hollywood Spin Doctor: Part 1 & Part 2 and The Future of Gossip we reviewed some of  the key players today. However, we wanted to look back at the tabloid and gossip industries origins to get an even better understanding of how it all works today.

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The Future of Gossip

27 Dec

By: Open Book

Today gossip is available 24/7 due to the Internet.  Gossip blog sites over the last three years have continued to grow in number. According to The Independent (an online news magazine).[1] In 2007 many mainstream media organizations such as AOL bought TMZ, which gets 1.6 million visitors a day. Yahoo owns OMG! And CBS bought Dotspotter.com. The interest for mainstream media organizations such as CBS buying into the trend was in efforts to capitalize on the growing market and demand. Mainstream media believe gossip websites can write about more risqué material than what can be explored in traditional media.

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