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What Women Want From Films

1 May

3rd. Article in our 5-week series on The Next Generation of Films for Women

It’s common knowledge that men and women differ somewhat when it comes to what to watch at the cinema. Men like action and sci-fi, women like romantic comedies and dramas. But the majority of us know these are just clichés. Men and women like a range of genres, not just the assigned stereotypical ones. However there is a problem when it comes to female driven movies that aim to be something more than just the usual superficial films that we expect. Continue reading

Who Should Take Social Responsibility for the Desensitization of America?

23 Jan

1st. Article in our 5-week series on “Gun Violence in the Media.”

Welcome to our five-week series on Gun Violence in the Media. You may have seen the video of Wayne LaPierre chief executive officer of The National Rifle Association (NRA) pointing the finger at filmmakers for gun violence in America. Yet, the NRA’s Hollywood Guns exhibit seems to celebrate filmmakers for their most violent films ever?[1]  Who should take social responsibility for the desensitization of America filmmakers or the NRA?

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Absurdity at its Finest

11 Jun

By  Parisienne

Most plays can be defined as tragedies or comedies but some plays due to the use of illogical situations, unconventional dialogue and minimal plots are used to express the absurdity of human life, which have been coined as being absurd. Martin Esslin gave the term the Theater of the Absurd too many plays that were written between the 1940’s and the 1960’s in France.  The writers of these plays are Samuel Beckett, Arthur Adamov, Eugene Ioneseco, Jean Genet, and Harold Pinter to name a few.  The term itself came from Albert Camus, a French philosopher who wrote about it in his essay The Myth of Sisyphus

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Blockbusters vs. Indie Films: Part 2

23 May

By Open Book

The 64th Cannes International Film Festival awarded the Palme d’Or to The Tree of Life, The Artist and Melancholia.[1] Some say the Cannes International Film Festival is where films can exemplify a countries social construct. In the first part of this series Blockbuster vs. Indie Films: Part 1, we discussed American consumers preference for blockbuster films and why major studios are veering away from producing specialty films.  In this article we will discuss the current market and future distribution and what consumers can do to support indie filmmakers.

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Should a Costume Support the Narrative or the Fans?

25 Apr

By Open Book

Audiences only have a month to go before seeing Ryan Reynolds‘ CGI costume in action. Green Lantern opens in theaters June 17, 2011.  There’s been much concern over Reynolds costume after news circulated Warner Brothers were creating an all CGI costume for the emerald superhero. However, what set off alarm bells was the July 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly after fans got a peak at the costume. Was that a good idea? In this article, we will look into what comic book fans are saying today and see if it’s a good idea to change a costume to please fans?

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