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Sunset Blvd

18 Dec

2nd. article in our series on Film Noir.

In 1950, director and screenwriter, Billy Wilder, brought an iconic film noir classic to the big screen.  The film: Sunset Blvd.  The synopsis is of a faded Hollywood silent film starlet, Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) who is trying to make a comeback.  A hack of a screenwriter is hired to write the screenplay that will bring Norma back to her fans.  Unfortunately her great belief in her own ego is her downfall and has cast her as a recluse.  Romance and death ensue.   Sunset Blvd won 3 Oscars: Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, and Best Music.[1] Continue reading

Film Noir- Past & Present

11 Dec

1st article in our series on Film Noir

Unless you are a Cinematographer, Director, Editor or Screenwriter etc… the term Film Noir is often misunderstood by many (me included) as a genre. It was not until watching Christopher Nolan’s (non-linear storytelling film) Memento that I learned how influenced he was by Noir’s style.  In this article we will explore the origins and style of Film Noir plus, look into how it’s evolved today.

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