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A Tribute to Oscar: How Good & Bad Film Adaptations Occur?

27 Feb

As Hollywood prepare for the 2014 Academy Awards we thought we pay tribute to film adaptations. Why? Because each month we review upcoming film adaptation’s with our sister site Page to Silver Screen to try and understand how good and bad film adaptations occur. Yes! The biggest fear for a fan is their favorite book will turn into shallow pulp once in film. However, it can be said not all of film adaptations are all bad.  To prove this theory our LIH Staff has selected their favorite film adaptations to see what made them so good. We hope you enjoy!

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Videogame Film Adaptations

18 Nov

Two well-known actors Collin Ferrell (“Minority Report”, “Fright Night”, and “Total Recall”) and Michael Fassbinder (“A Dangerous Method,” “Shame”, and “Twenty Years a Slave”) recently announced their intentions to appear in two currently popular videogame inspired movies or adaptations.  Collin Ferrell will star in “World of Warcraft.” Michael Fassbinder will star in “Assassin’s Creed”.  Other films in development starring other leading actors include: “Splinter Cell (TBC)” starring Tom Hardy, The Need for Speed, starring Jason Aaron, etc. [1]

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What’s the Future for Film Adaptations in Hollywood?

12 Sep

4th article in our 7- week series on Film Studios Marketing Tactics

What’s the Future for Film Adaptations in Hollywood? We’ve heard it before, “the film isn’t as good as the book.” What do novelists think about film adaptations? What are some of the opposing views? Some novelists prefer a hand off approach while others like to be more involved in the process. In this article we will look at which one is most effective in producing a successful film. Plus what does the future hold for film adaptations in this economy?

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