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Who’s Perpetuating Sexist Stereotypes and Behaviors Female Consumers or Hollywood?

17 Apr

1st. Article in our 5-week series on The Next Generation of Films for Women

Internalize sexism, the term is tossed around a lot but what does it mean? In short, it is the practice of women enacting learned sexist behaviors on themselves and other women.  Internalize sexism falls into four categories according to an article Fabric of Internalized Sexism in the Journal of Integrated Sciences.[1] They are 1). Assertions of incompetence, which express an internalized sense of powerlessness; 2). Competition between women; 3). The construction of women as objects; and 4). The invalidation or derogation of women.  In this article we look into the possibility of women enacting sexist behaviors on themselves and others by way of romance novels and films.

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Female Filmmakers Are Not Risk-Takers?

1 Oct

Some debate is happening regarding female filmmakers in Hollywood. Witness a recent blog article on Women and Hollywood.com called How Can We Get More Women In Power As Directors? Written by Martha Coolidge.[1] The article mentions various problems and solutions regarding the lack of female directors in Hollywood.  Yet, the real debate occurred after one commenter claimed the reason for the lack of female directors was because women are unwilling to take risks. In this article we will explore these claims plus how female consumers are potentially contributing to their own demise.

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