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What is the Value of the Twilight Comic Books?

16 Nov

By Comic Relief

If you are a fan of contemporary films, you are well aware of Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga or Twilight’s now four-film movie franchise?  If you are a fan of contemporary comics you were probably aware of two comics series dedicated to the film Twilight. Of course you may be asking what is the value of the Twilight comic books? At LIH we thought that was a curious question; so here is an attempt to answer that question?

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Great American Dance Films

6 Jul

By Ozzie

In celebration of Independence Day we also decided to look at great American dance films. This article will feature high grossing films of the last decade and look at the result of two high grossing classic dance films that have recently been remade.

Five movies that have been released since the year 2000 made it into the top ten highest grossing dance movies since 1977.

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