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Chang and Eng:The Siamese Twins

6 Apr

A continuation of articles in our series highlighting Water for Elephants.

By:  Parisienne

The Benzini Brothers in Water for Elephants had the lovely Lucinda but in 1860 P. T. Barnum had Chang and Eng Bunker.  Chang and Eng (their names are Siamese for left and right) were born on May 11, 1811.  They were born in Thailand, which was then called Siam and are considered to be the most famous conjoined twins to date.  It is because of them that conjoined twins are called “Siamese Twins”.  A four-inch ligament at the chest that stretched conjoined them.[1] Continue reading

The Price of Entertainment: Part 2

28 Mar

Our continuing series on Water for Elephants

By Lurker

In the Sara Gruen novel Water for Elephants, we are introduced to the ‘ultimate prize’ for a circus, an elephant and her name is Rosie.  So why is it that we are all fascinated by elephants? Is it their grand size, their graceful nature or their intelligence? Whatever the reason there is no doubt that in the upcoming movie, an elephant will make a grand entrance and capture our fascination. For many years elephants have been part of the circuses and zoos, however, their upkeep and maintenance at some facilities has been less than stellar, as we noted in our Part 1 article. Elephant populations around the world are diminishing due to human encroachment drastically reducing their natural habitats and poaching. Continue reading

The Price of Entertainment: Part-1

23 Mar

By: Parisienne

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  Is it the happiest show on Earth?  Maybe it is for consumers who pay to be entertained.  However, it is not a happy place for the elephants.  An investigation completed in 2009, found that the eleven elephants were abused with bull hooks, according to PETA.  The information obtained in this investigation has a video along with an article.  Please watch video.

Continue reading