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God’s Not Dead: A Must See Film

2 Apr

2nd article in our series: “Spiritually Uplifting Films in Hollywood!”

Recently I viewed the film God’s Not Dead. This film is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline as well as the characters. At a point in the film, the audience began spontaneously clapping. I recommend this film to anyone. I left the theater feeling wonderful, the film actually made me feel good. I can’t explain it but it did. The scenarios in the film do seem a bit over dramatized but I think the actors gave very impressive performances.  The film is also loosely based on actual court cases about the first amendment.

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Yes, when I left the theater I did text a message to my contacts: God’s Not Dead.

Duck Dynasty: Giving America hope, one episode at a time

9 Sep

About a year ago, the husband and I were watching television and trying desperately to find something decent to watch.  In today’s TV world, that’s pretty dang tricky.  We happened upon an episode of Duck Dynasty.  Thinking, “Oh great, another reality show,” we found ourselves laughing and feeling pretty uplifted as we watched it.  We rarely watch reality shows, because let’s be honest, most are C.R.A.P.  But this one was different.

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