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Cosmopolis: Lopsided Economics

18 Jul

2nd. article in our 7-week series on the film Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis character, Eric Packer, is a self-made billionaire who, at the age of 28, has reached a point where money has no value in his existence.  In one day he goes from billionaire to a man left with nothing but death threats.

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Cosmopolis: An Asymmetrical Nightmare

11 Jul

1st article in our 7-week series on the film Cosmopolis

The film Cosmopolis will be released in US theaters August 17th, 2012. The long awaited film is an adaptation of Don DeLillos poetic novel of the same name. On Amazon.com some warn readers saying, “recommended for literary buffs who relish discomfort.[1]” Perhaps this is a fair assessment given the volatile period this book is based upon.  In this article, LIH will examine the political and social conditions that defined the 90’s as one of the most excessive and violent periods in America’s history.

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