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New Movie Hot Seat: COSMOPOLIS

16 Aug


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The Themes of Cosmopolis

15 Aug

The last article in our series on the film Cosmopolis

The film Cosmopolis opens in U.S. theaters on Friday August 17th, 2012. The seductive trailers and amazing cast is reason enough to go see this film. But throw in David Cronenberg and Don DeLillo and you are in for a mind altering experience out of this world. However, for those venturing into the theaters without having read the book or seen any of Cronenberg’s films, Linked in Hollywood has put together a cheat sheet in case you want to brush up before or after seeing the film. To give you fair warning  this material like the film is not for the PG-13 fairytale audience, instead it’s for the spirited audience, unafraid to confront the reality we live in. This article is a collaborative effort by the authors on LIH who did a wonderful job in defining (for our readers) how this film and text reflects our past and present. We hope you enjoy!  Continue reading

Cosmopolis: What’s Your Favorite Quote?

13 Aug

What’s your favorite quote? The film Cosmopolis opens in US theaters this Friday August 17th, 2012.  If you’ve read the book then you know Don DeLillo has written some of the most memorable passages for not only character Eric Packer but his other characters as well.  For fun, Linked In Hollywood has selected 10 quotes and we want you to vote for your favorite.  So let’s get started!

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Cosmopolis: The Styles of Postmodern Literature

8 Aug

5th. article in our 7-week series on the film Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis the styles of postmodern literature is very hard to define but it generally is any book written after the 2nd world war that is constructed in certain styles. It also goes against the Enlightenment style commonly used in books wrote between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Here is a brief description of the styles used. [1]

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Cosmopolis: Skewed Products

26 Jul

3rd. article in our 7-week series on the film Cosmopolis

Delillo’s Cosmopolis is a frequently paradoxical and enigmatic story that focuses on the events of Eric Michael Packer’s frequently complicated day.  No doubt a genius, the efforts Delillo expends to illustrate a personality almost fully defined by his materials is almost dizzying.  This essay will commit itself to exploring these descriptions at the expense of so many of Eric’s other dynamic attributes: which include his technical might as a hacker, his genius as an asset manager, and his status as a visionary of his age. Though Delillo’s book spends very little time objectively exploring Eric’s psychology, it is no secret that Eric’s is a difficult protagonist.  The products of his life do the most to define him as a character.

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