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Obamacare & The Best Documentaries on Healthcare in America

7 Nov

One of the highlights of President Obama’s victory speech last night was the testimony of how Obamacare helped a young girl dying of leukemia. The healthcare reform bill is a reminder of how unhealthy we are in this country. The first ladies campaign to end child hood obesity to Obamacare gave LIH the idea to select a few documentaries on healthcare (in America) so as we begin to move forward we can also begin to heal. So let’s get moving!

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7 Jul

2013 Oscar Predictions in July? IndieWire released this week a mid year Oscar Analysis.  We will take a look at who they think has a shot so far. Also, with the US celebrating its Independence Day we found a wonderful collection of documentaries celebrating American values selected by ReelPolitik. Happy 4th of July!


  • Indie-Wire Mid Year Oscar Analysis
  • Celebrating American Values: A Doc Collection

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2011 Summer Documentaries

1 Jun

By Open Book

There are so many great documentaries released each year but many go unnoticed by movie going audiences. So we thought we do a quick overview of some interesting documentaries coming out this summer.

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