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Must See Bio-Pics!

3 Jul

By LIH Staff

Biographical feature films (also known as bio-pics) were once popular in Hollywood. Remember from 2000 Erin Brockovich or most recently The Social Network?  These great films informed and inspired audiences. Every month LIH’s staff will put in our vote for a “must see” film as an exercise to hone our cinephile senses we will review films with positive buzz by word of mouth. Today our focus and discussion will be on “bio-pics.” We hope you enjoy!

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Hollywood’s Color Line: Amongst Black Actresses

11 Feb

In recognition of Black History month in America, LIH wanted to focus on black actresses in Hollywood. After watching a documentary called America Beyond the Color Line by Henry Louis Gates Jr. we thought we explore how well black actresses are doing in Hollywood today? Does Hollywood still favor light over darker skinned toned actresses today? Can talent eradicate the color line?  Continue reading

Cinematic Arts & Politics in Hollywood

14 Nov

Last article in our 6 week series on Hollywood Politics Inside & Out

The arts and politics have had a relationship spanning many, many centuries so it was a natural progress for politics to merge into motion pictures when it was invented.  As we have looked at before, we know documentaries and propaganda films are the most obvious examples. However there is usually some political issue in most films, both mainstream and independent, whether it was intentional or not. That’s a lot of movies to choose from! Here are four, spanning over the 100+ year old industry, which will help us get a glimpse of its history.

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Movie Buzz: 11/9

9 Nov
Welcome to Movie Buzz!

Wreck it Ralph opened last weekend taking the #1 spot grossing $49M.  Also opening in theaters Flight it came in at #2 grossing $24M and The Man with the Iron Fist came in at #4.  Let’s take a look at what critics and consumer say and see if they are worth it! Continue reading