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DC vs. Marvel: If Restrictive Covenants Stand in the Way

12 Mar

By Comic Relief

If you were a huge comics culture enthusiast or superhero character fanboy you can’t help but wonder why DC has no ability to compete with Marvel.  There are sites on the web that spend 24/7 arguing about this issue.  This article attempts to speculate about what barriers stand in the way of action/adventure competitive DC comics.  Yet we first need to make a detour in entertainment genres.

Unfortunately we do not do not discuss sports enough at LIH, so parts of the next presentation may seem a little jarring. But please be patient with the introduction, you need some set up to adapt to the questions that this article is asking.

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End of Summer 2011 Box Office

3 Oct

By Lurker

Since it’s past the ‘official’ end of Summer2011, we wanted to take a look over the box office results and see how our comic book hero’s stacked up this year. With 547 movies in release so far for 2011, the subject matter is all over the spectrum, therefore, we’ll be very selective in the movies we analyze.  To get us started let’s just take a quick peek at the overall box office trends.

Our favorite go-to site The Numbers  [1] has some interesting stats for 2011. No surprises here as the downward trend holds up.

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Green Lantern: DC Retrenchment or Revolution?

15 Jun

By Guest Author-Comic Relief

Because 3D CGI has returned as a subject of concern on LIH there was interest that one of the most CGI necessary movies since “Alice in Wonderland” be discussed.  If you like Comic book cinema, Blockbuster films, and enormous tent poll franchises in the making then you’ll probably want to consider this Bruce Campbell directed film.  Regarding the Thursday, June 16th, 2011 opening date, most American audiences are familiar with the film’s star Ryan Reynolds, yet most are not familiar with the character Green Lantern.  Yet the character’s name has been around as long as DC mainstays Batman and Superman.

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Wonder Woman will not go Without a Fight!

18 May

By Open Book

Last week when the news came out NBC passed on the Wonder Woman series. Many fans wanted to know what to expect for the 70 year old Super heroine. But we found Wonder Woman not getting picked up by NBC was a much bigger issue. Since last year Linked in Hollywood has been covering the critical condition of not only Wonder Woman but the fate of leading ladies in general.  We wanted to know in this day and age when there are a ton of films catering to men’s interest (see article Male Perspective on Leading Ladies in Film) why are women not speaking out more? Well we posed the question to one our frequent visitors who comment here on Linked in Hollywood and here’s what they had to say.

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