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Best Cult Comedy Film Quotes

28 Sep

Last article in our series on Cult Classic Films.

By Littlebells

In researching Cult Comedy Film Classics, I found the list to be endless.  This genre is actually quite vast considering comedies can be classified as science fiction (Spaceballs), adventure (Princess Bride), or romance (Sixteen Candles).  Generally cult classics are low grossing films but there are quite a few comedies that did very well at the box office.  Office Space estimated production cost  was $10 million.  Unfortunately they barely broke even with $10 million and change.[1]  However, Home Alone’s estimated budget was $15 million and it grossed approximately $530 worldwide![2] 

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Cult Classic Films: Sci-Fi

31 Aug

1st. article in our series on Cult Classic Films.

By Open Book

Over the last decade there’s been a few films to reach cult classic status. We thought we look into the world of science fiction to see the top 5  sci-fi cult classic films in the last decade.

The Evolution of Cult Classic Films

29 Aug

By Open Book

The quirky, poor box office, offbeat, strange, not tied to any conventions of today are words often attributed to cult classic films. The cult followers are not worried about film critics but are more interested in the film-makers choices. As often with films that achieve cult classic status the rule book is thrown out to explore new ways of expression. This article will attempt to understand the evolution of cult classic films and their impact on films today.

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