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From Sketch to Screen: The Costume Designer-Part 1

24 Oct

1st Article in our 5 Week Series “Effective People Rarely Seen in the Spotlight”

Audiences could name the costume in a film before they could name the Costume Designer responsible for designing it. This isn’t a big shock given many Costume Designer avoid the spotlight (as ironic as it sounds) the majority of their work is not vanity driven.  In Part-1 of this article, we will discuss what Costume Designer do, why they are rarely seen in the spotlight and Part-2 will focus on how their role has evolved since the days of Edith Head.

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Should a Costume Support the Narrative or the Fans?

25 Apr

By Open Book

Audiences only have a month to go before seeing Ryan Reynolds‘ CGI costume in action. Green Lantern opens in theaters June 17, 2011.  There’s been much concern over Reynolds costume after news circulated Warner Brothers were creating an all CGI costume for the emerald superhero. However, what set off alarm bells was the July 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly after fans got a peak at the costume. Was that a good idea? In this article, we will look into what comic book fans are saying today and see if it’s a good idea to change a costume to please fans?

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