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New Movie HOT SEAT:Fast 5

29 Apr

Welcome to New Movie Hot Seat where each Saturday we will review new films that’s opened in theaters this week.  We will have a live debate discussing the pros and cons of one of the newly released films, then vote if it’s worth the money. Also, each week we will put up a poll for consumers to vote on, which film we will put in the hot seat and debate next. Continue reading

Can Men and Women be Friends?

27 Apr

Kicking off our special series on Upcoming Summer Films please welcome guest writer: 

By Littlebells

This summer, Castle Rock Entertainment, along with Screen Gems and Zucker Productions is releasing the romantic comedy Friends with Benefits July 22nd 2011.  Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis star as Dylan and Jamie: two friends dumped by their significant others.  In the film they are both emotionally damaged and turn to each other for a strictly physical relationship.  Alas, it’s not long before both characters want something more.1  This film is very similar to No Strings Attached, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, released in January 2011.  Again, both characters seek a physical relationship but soon discover they want more emotionally.   Both movies bring to mind one of the most debated questions of all time: Can men and women be friends?

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Linked In Hollywood: Movie Buzz 3-18

18 Mar

By: Open Book

It looks like Rango was unable to hold onto number one at the box office and fell to #2. The film that knocked it off its throne Battle: Los Angeles. So what did critics, consumers and box office say about Battle: Los Angeles? Can it hold on to its number one spot this weekend? Continue reading

Relief Effort for Japan

12 Mar

We at Linked In Hollywood would like to send out our thoughts and prayers to the families hit by the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If you would like to help out in the relief efforts, here are a few charities taking donations. Continue reading

Linked in Hollywood: Movie Buzz 3-11

11 Mar

By: Open Book

Linked in Hollywood: Movie Buzz is new, to nourish the film critic in you! Every Friday LIH will showcase the films that opened in theaters (in the U.S.) the previous weekend. Why? Because some consumers like to be well informed before taking the plunge! So in an effort to help you decide if it’s worth the money, we put together the results of multiple critics and consumers reviews, plus what the box office numbers reveal. Continue reading