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LIH Editorial: 2013 Fall Television Show Lineup

22 Sep


The 2013 Television Lineup is in full swing as networks vie for ratings!  According to the Daily Beast, the 9 best and worst shows this season are?

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Paparazzi: To Blame Or Not To Blame?

19 Aug

Red Carpets, Awards, Money, Fame and Adoration: Everyone dreams of having these things.  Some people have achieved what many people dream about. Does anyone ever stop to think about the mental and emotional factors these put upon actors and the average entertainment consumer?

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What Women Want From Films

1 May

3rd. Article in our 5-week series on The Next Generation of Films for Women

It’s common knowledge that men and women differ somewhat when it comes to what to watch at the cinema. Men like action and sci-fi, women like romantic comedies and dramas. But the majority of us know these are just clichés. Men and women like a range of genres, not just the assigned stereotypical ones. However there is a problem when it comes to female driven movies that aim to be something more than just the usual superficial films that we expect. Continue reading

The Future of CGI/Animation Film Franchises: Part 2

13 Jun

By Open Book

We wrote about this subject some time ago and decided to follow up on this topic given the amount of CGI films still slated to come out this summer. Almost every commercial film is being offered in 3-D. Is this overkill? Did Pixar and Disney ever imagine CGI would become this popular?

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Sex & Violence in Films: Part 2

6 Jun

By Open Book

It would appear in recent years the number of R rated films has been reduced in the U.S. In Sex & Violence in Film: Part 1 we reviewed the film rating system in the UK to see if there were any similarities in how the two countries classify explicit content.  Based on the review on the UK (BBFC) rating system they do appear to be more liberal in regards to their classification on sexual content yet, stricter on violence.  In this article we will examine some of the challenges Directors face in Hollywood over the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system.

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