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A Tale of Two Commentaries

11 Feb

By Parisienne

One night out of interest, I sat down to watch the commentaries on The Twilight Saga:  Eclipse DVD. With all this talk about Rob and Kristen “are they” or “aren’t they” relationship. There were two things I found rather interesting. Let me break them down for you.

In my opinion, Rob and Kristen aren’t dating. There is NO WAY!!!  First, if they were, the conversation during the commentary would be fluent and they would have known how each other was preparing for Breaking Dawn.  Second, Rob asked Kristen? “Have you ever watched two people kiss in public?” Such an odd question for two people that supposedly can’t get enough of each other?

I didn’t learn a thing, regarding the film from these two actors.  They laughed a lot.  And otherwise acted like friends.

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