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Marvel Avenger’s Odd Audience Engagement

21 Nov

By Comic Relief

When the quality of the feature films we receive improves are we required to respond differently to our entertainment?  How do we know there has been an improvement?  It’s a sign of the times that all action films, especially those of the Super hero genre, are now at least partially animation films.  This new reality requires viewers to at least partially reevaluate the entertainment they are receiving.

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What is the Value of the Twilight Comic Books?

16 Nov

By Comic Relief

If you are a fan of contemporary films, you are well aware of Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga or Twilight’s now four-film movie franchise?  If you are a fan of contemporary comics you were probably aware of two comics series dedicated to the film Twilight. Of course you may be asking what is the value of the Twilight comic books? At LIH we thought that was a curious question; so here is an attempt to answer that question?

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War and Romance in Comics and Film

2 Nov

Final article in our 5 week series on the War Film Genre

By Comic Relief

Readers of the Paulina Simon’s novel, The Bronze Horseman might likely wonder whether the war and romance themes of her book permeate other sequential art genres.  But first you might catalogue what those sequential art examples would be?  Recently Hollywood has recognized comic books as one very influential form of sequential art. To explore this form, first we’ll discuss why comics might be discussed in an entertainment blog focusing on feature films and adult forms of comic book content.  Second we’ll mention some of the greater war and romance books that have graced the genre.  Then third we will review some of the greater contemporary examples on war and romance stories in comics and the silver screen.

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The Avengers Trailer

10 Oct

By Comic Relief

The Avengers Trailer has arrived. Enjoy!

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Cult Classics Films from Comics Book Culture

21 Sep

By Guest Author Comic Relief

From the magazine racks of the 1970 and 80’s to the silver screen, feature film cult classics tell us a great deal about the comic book cultural appetites of Hollywood audiences of that era.

It’s only partially true that the recent comic book cinema proliferation in feature films is something new in Hollywood.  Advances in CGI technology have made it easier to create characters for improbable action sequences that were impossible in the past.  Oddly cult classic films seem to support characters that were far less mainstream, (or seem distinctly underground in type).

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