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Videogame Film Adaptations

18 Nov

Two well-known actors Collin Ferrell (“Minority Report”, “Fright Night”, and “Total Recall”) and Michael Fassbinder (“A Dangerous Method,” “Shame”, and “Twenty Years a Slave”) recently announced their intentions to appear in two currently popular videogame inspired movies or adaptations.  Collin Ferrell will star in “World of Warcraft.” Michael Fassbinder will star in “Assassin’s Creed”.  Other films in development starring other leading actors include: “Splinter Cell (TBC)” starring Tom Hardy, The Need for Speed, starring Jason Aaron, etc. [1]

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Total Recall versus The Matrix: Who Ripped Off Whom?

9 Apr

By Open Book

There’s been a lot of buzz on the Internet about the new trailer for Total Recall. Many are complaining director Len Wiseman ripped off scenes from the The Matrix.  Yet, the first Total Recall film released in 1990 had a few scenes that looked like the Wachowski Brothers ripped off Total Recall. The Matrix was first released in 1999. Here take a look for yourself.

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Hollywood Take 2: Total Recall Reboot Trailer

7 Apr

Because they missed an earlier evaluation or are just new to your knowledge; many things in Hollywood are being reborn. Events that appeared to slip into the abyss of history have been dusted off to reveal new opportunity in contemporary and future entertainment. Old comedy duos are resurfacing to keep us laughing.  Old film festivals are receiving face-lifts. Technology innovators are receiving overdue praise and recognition.

Essential stories;

1.  Total Recall Reboot’s First Official Trailer.
2.  Bully finally gets the PG-13 rating.
3.  James Murdoch Resigns from BskyB Chairman.
4.  Harry Potter Studio Tour Opens.
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