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“Thor: The Dark World” – Marvel’s CBM Crossroad

11 Nov

Thor: The Dark World, (or TTDW) is pleasing to most Comic book movie fan audiences. If you are keeping up with the CBM’s, you probably like Marvel entertainments crop of recent films. If you’re viewing is more incidental than committed then you may be solely be keeping up with general developments in contemporary action-adventure films. Marvel has a range of films characters and properties at other studios, and their main competition DC Comics hasn’t produced enough films to really stand out as a consistent challenger.  Still the recent “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Man of Steel” box office are raising expectations.  Making excellent use of CGI technology and production craft, clearly fan appreciation rivals the kind of fan reception that used to accompany Westerns in the mid 20th century.  If you think that means all things are rosy in comic book movie genre, despite some impressive consistencies in story telling, we want to encourage a more critical reception. Without venturing into spoiler territory, we will explore what we’re getting in these movies.

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Thor 2

12 Dec

By Littlebells

This last week, it was announced that Patty Jenkins (Monster) resigned from directing the much anticipated sequel due to creative differences with Marvel.  Kenneth Branagh directed the original and was a box office hit.  Marvel seems to know exactly how they want their super heroes to be portrayed and seen on the big screen, so it would be interesting to know what the creative differences were with Ms. Jenkins.

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Linked In Hollywood: Movie Buzz 5-13

13 May

By Open Book

Unless you accidently shook hands with one of the Frost Giants, then you know THOR dominated the box office last weekend.[1] Could we expect a repeat this weekend? Probably! THOR one of our New Movie Hot Seat selections did not disappoint film critics or consumers. So how did other films perform after opening last weekend? What did film critics and consumers say about them?  If you are trying to figure out what to see this weekend, we will look into what critics and consumers say and see if it’s worth the money.

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Thor: Likely a Very Interesting Brew!

5 May

Guest Author– Comic Relief

If you are a movie fan you know Thor opens on Friday May 6th 2011.  What is Thor; funny you should ask?  Thor like so many comic book legends is a twisted combination of social, literary, religious and historical events that depending on your sensibility or taste may be a very interesting “brew” (yes, get ready for a lot of Hollywood old English vocabulary in the movie) of fantasy entertainment.  Yet adults, to make this interesting we might have to delve into those issues we are not supposed to talk about in polite society: politics, race, and religion.  Once we skim over that territory, we can immerse ourselves in the fully bodacious elements of this character’s story that might actually make this film a lot of fun to go see. Continue reading