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The Scent of Hollywood

17 Sep

You could say the designer fragrance industry and Hollywood go hand in hand, due to their long history of using actors for inspiration to promote a campaign. Now, they have relied on musicians, models and athletes too, but what seems to be the most successful pairing (for selling designer fragrances) are actors.[1] Today, there are over 500 celebrity perfumes released a year and prestigious brands are falling over themselves to sign high- profile talent.[2] When did fashion houses begin using actors to sell fragrances?

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What Does It Mean when Celebrities are Knighted?

9 Jan

5th article in our series “Royal Family’s Influence on Pop Culture”

That celebrities and other public figures occasionally get knighted is one of the things we periodically hear about within England.  It may appear unusual to us because the practice is such a traditional vestige of the country’s strictly monarchal past.  Because we imagined many US citizens and possibly other nationalities don’t know what that term actually means, we thought we should focus on the practice.  Also given the site’s entertainment mission we thought the practice wasn’t that usual it is an honor that many entertainers have received.  In this article we will attempt to demystify what this event actually entails, means, and how it came to be.

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