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No Women for Cannes; Sexism or Smarts in Short Supply

21 May

By Comic Relief

Certainly without controversial decisions and dissenting voices we would not have the discord that has erupted around Cannes female nominations regarding the Palme d’or directorial prize.    If you have not heard, of the 22 films designated for the competition prize consideration, no women directors were considered.  The outrage stimulated by that festival incidentally helped draw out many of our popular notions and feelings in regard to gender equality and gender equity in film.  But before we talk about these ideas we should first cover a few essential facts regarding the festival.

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: 2012 Cannes Film Festival Opens

19 May

As Hollywood heads off to France for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. LIH takes a look at a couple stories unrelated to Hollywood but impacts it just the same. The first being the opening of the Cannes Film Festival where we review the movie that opened the festival. Then we head over to the UK to get an update on the phone hacking scandal by News International. Here’s the full list of significant stories this week:

  • The Avengers’ Earns $1 Billion In Box Office Sales And Sequel News
  • Moonrise Kingdom opens the Cannes Film Festival
  • Phone hacking scandal: Rebekah Brooks officially charged

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Hollywood Take 2: Cannes 2012 Films in Competition

21 Apr

What’s happening in Hollywood this week? On Thursday April 19th Cannes released the list of films nominated for the Palme d’Or award. Also, two movie trailers were released that got cinephiles talking.  What films are they you ask? We will discuss those films plus the removal of Disney studio chief Rich Ross who was asked to step down this week.

Essential stories;

1. Cannes 2012 Film Line-Up

2. Most Captivating Movie Trailers 

3. Rich Ross Steps Down from Disney
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