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Who’s Perpetuating Sexist Stereotypes and Behaviors Female Consumers or Hollywood?

17 Apr

1st. Article in our 5-week series on The Next Generation of Films for Women

Internalize sexism, the term is tossed around a lot but what does it mean? In short, it is the practice of women enacting learned sexist behaviors on themselves and other women.  Internalize sexism falls into four categories according to an article Fabric of Internalized Sexism in the Journal of Integrated Sciences.[1] They are 1). Assertions of incompetence, which express an internalized sense of powerlessness; 2). Competition between women; 3). The construction of women as objects; and 4). The invalidation or derogation of women.  In this article we look into the possibility of women enacting sexist behaviors on themselves and others by way of romance novels and films.

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Movie Buzz 6/29

29 Jun

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted dropped to number two this weekend as Brave came in at #1, bringing in $66.3 M.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter took third, grossing only $16.3 M. Let’s see how they did and if they’re worth the money!

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Hollywood Game Changers

27 Jun

What’s a Hollywood Game Changer? It’s someone who completely changes the way something is done, thought about, or made. The animated film Brave took in close to 80 million at the box office its opening weekend. The Pixar film is an original story featuring the first female protagonist by Pixar. It’s hard to ignore all the re-imagined stories of Snow White being churned out by Hollywood.  Has Brenda Chapman changed the game for fairytales in Hollywood?[1] In this article we will look at one visionary who dared to go against convention to redefine ideals in Hollywood and breathed new life into fairytales.

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Hollywood Take 2: Some Careers Soar, Some Falter

23 Jun

It isn’t news that Hollywood is a cutthroat arena in regard to job security.  That said, occasionally we are fortunate to hear of comeback stories and individuals who despite the odds succeed regardless of tradition, convention, and expected norms.  This week we have a collection of both kinds of stories positive and negative, being reported across multiple Hollywood news websites.

Significant stories:

  • Brenda Chapman Earns Respect for her Work
  • D’Angelo’s Musical Return to Form
  • “The King of the Super Bowl” Earns his feature
  • NBC Treats Ann Curry to a Difficult Ratings Response

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