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Blood Ties the Movie

18 Jan

By Lurker

Support a great independent movie, Blood Ties. See the movie clip on the official movie web page or below!

Those of you who are Vampire Diaries fans will recognize Mayor Lockwood – Robert Pralgo!

Yes a shameless plug for a friend of mine!

Synopsis:  Continue reading

Robert Pattinson’s next movie?

20 Dec

By: Lurker

I took a trip to the movie theatre this weekend, ideally with the intent of seeing TRON. However, I found myself scoping out the lobby and the audience in the screening room. To that end, it’s interesting to notice the majority of filmgoers were male.  After arriving home, I checked out the preliminary box office numbers this weekend. Yet again, another romantic comedy hasn’t garnered much box office draw even with a huge star cast (How do you know?). Although this was one recent trip I had to ask myself what parts should Rob look for next? Continue reading

Universal Pictures and The Bourne Legacy

1 Nov

By: Open Book

Universal Pictures just announced Tony Gilroy as writer and director of the fourth film in the Bourne series. Tentatively titled for now The Bourne Legacy is coming to a theater near you Friday, August 3, 2012. Continue reading

Rob’s Supremacy is Bourne?

29 Oct

By:  Parisienne

We’ve all seen Matt Damon grace the screen as Jason Bourne and as this part of Matt’s career takes a turn, Robert Pattinson may replace him.  According to an online article, Rob may be replacing Matt as Jason Bourne in the next film of the franchise.  Do you think that Rob has what it takes to add this character to his resume of film roles?  In my opinion, he has the charisma and dedication to play any film role that he chooses.  If he is cast in this role, do you think that it would help or hurt his career?

View the article here:  http://www.metrowny.com/blogs/archives/660-Robert_Pattinson_to_replace_Matt_Damon_in_Bourne_franchise.html