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Linked in Hollywood: Top 20 Most Popular Articles

2 May

To show appreciation to our readers of LIH, we put together our most popular articles and discussions. Please enjoy.

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Movie Buzz: 4/20

20 Apr

For the 4th week in a row, The Hunger Games still dominates the weekend box offices, now grossing $534,961,282M worldwide.  The Three Stooges came in second, taking in $17,010,125M this weekend and The Cabin in the Woods came in at third with it making $14,743,614 M.  Let’s see how they did and if they are worth the money![1]

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Blockbusters vs. Indie Films: Part 2

23 May

By Open Book

The 64th Cannes International Film Festival awarded the Palme d’Or to The Tree of Life, The Artist and Melancholia.[1] Some say the Cannes International Film Festival is where films can exemplify a countries social construct. In the first part of this series Blockbuster vs. Indie Films: Part 1, we discussed American consumers preference for blockbuster films and why major studios are veering away from producing specialty films.  In this article we will discuss the current market and future distribution and what consumers can do to support indie filmmakers.

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