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Aurora and Sandyhook Killings; Our Denial and Apathy on Parade

27 Feb

Final Article in our series on Gun Violence in The Media

Our lives get so hectic, we forget to recognize that someone who is next to us. We are somewhat aware of whom they are yet we understand they might or might not share our schedule. Who are they? They may or may not frequent the places we go. Do we know them?  They may or may not be on a first name basis with these people. Regardless of familiarity do we really identify with them at all? Regardless of how acquainted we are, what is our response to them just the same? Do we consistently neglect to acknowledge them? Or can we claim to know them? This article is dedicated to those very people who make up some aspect of our physical environment whom we have yet to become familiar with.  Whether we acknowledge they are our neighbors or not we have to (at some level) admit we share something with them.  Until we get to know them better this paragraph will encourage us to make our eventual introduction to them so much warmer.

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Don’t Start The Story With Sirens Blaring: How The Media Makes A Killer

7 Feb

3rd. article in our series on “Gun Violence in the Media.”

Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Aurora theater shootings.  We think they only happen here because they are blown up in the media which in turn may make others go out and kill.  The media makes these shootings into 24/7 coverage and gives the shooters a big ego.  How does the media help stop this?  According to  forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Park Dietz, these are some things NOT to do in media coverage.

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Can Filmmakers Be Blamed for Violent Crimes?

30 Jul

Linked In Hollywood has discussed violence in the media from various perspectives. Yet, the argument over excessive film violence seems to divide some consumers and producers. Can filmmakers really be blamed for violent crimes in America? In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre, Harry Weinstein has called for a “summit” among filmmakers to discuss how viewers are influenced by graphic movies.[1] However, gallop polls on current gun laws, crime rate, environmental and family involvement paints quite a different picture.  In this article I’ve provided research on what may contribute to the increase and decrease in violence in America.  Please watch video below.

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Moviegoers Rise-Up Against Fear!

23 Jul

As the country continues to mourn, heal and pray for the fallen citizens of Aurora, Colorado after Friday’s midnight massacre, which caused moviegoers to think twice about America’s favorite pastime. In this article we will look into how audiences are conquering their fear of going to the movies.

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21 Jul

In light of the tragic event, where 12 moviegoers were killed and 50 wounded after a gunmen opened fire during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado on Friday, July 20th, 2012. LinkedinHollywood wanted to pay special tribute and pray for all the victims who attended the film in Aurora on Friday.  This special edition will cover Christopher Nolan and Michael Moore’s response to the tragedy. Plus we will look into how movie theaters are increasing  security around the country.



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