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What Do Tentpoles & Carpetbaggers Have in Common?

8 Aug

We thought it would be interesting to conclude our Film Industry Implosion series on LIH, with George Clooney ‘s recent statement about the difficulties of getting Oscar winning films like Argo made today.  Clooney stated the reason is due to studios being pressured by hedge fund investors like Daniel Loeb to only make tent-poles films in-order to manipulate the market for their own interest. He went as far as to call him a carpetbagger.  In this article we will discuss how tent-pole movies became the preferred choice for movie studios and investors and what does this say about our cultural future?

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The Art of Screenwriting

20 May

In what was supposed to be a passionate discussion of the art of screenwriting, this article will from the periphery describe this essential art; (and hopefully not disparage or minimize how important it is to the feature length film).  Anyone who has enjoyed many of the articles on this site knows we are not kidding when we say the article was meant to honor this discipline.  So please indulge us while we attempt to talk around the art and at least an indication of where a future article hopes to be more detailed in describing.

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The 2013 Oscar Debate

20 Feb

2012 proved to be an interesting year for Hollywood filmmakers. The nine films nominated for the 2013 Oscar definitely deserve to be recognized. So much so, in this article each writer (on the LIH staff) will debate the film, director, actor or actress they are campaigning for the 2013 Oscar and why? The Oscar’s will air live this Sunday, February 24th, 2013 @7pmEST. So let’s get started

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Argo and Django Unchained: Oscar Nominees With Historical Inaccuracies

18 Feb

With the Oscars fast approach we decided to look at two films in the Best Picture category to see how historically accurate they are. While many of the films in this category have historical inaccuracies they are minor compared to our chosen films.

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Movie Buzz: 10/26

26 Oct
Welcome to Movie Buzz!

This week Paranormal Activity 4  opened taking the #1 spot and grossing $29M.  Also opening in theaters Alex Cross it came in at #5 grossing $14M. For its second weekend Argo is holding on to #2 grossing $16.5M.  Let’s take a look at these films and see if they are worth it! Continue reading