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Movie Buzz: 6/8

8 Jun

We all remember how we felt watching Aliens many years ago.  We get to experience those feelings again with younger generations with the theatrical release of Prometheus.  Is it worth the money?  Let’s find out! Continue reading

Ridley Scott Returns to the Genre that Made Him Great!

4 Apr

2nd. article in our 7week series on Sci-Fi/Fantasy

By Comic Relief

Though we haven’t seen anything from Ridley Scott in a while, one of Hollywood’s science fiction heavy weights is about to return to the genre that made him great.  One of Hollywood’s Godfathers of futuristic horror, most of Scott’s early work still hasn’t been surpassed creatively.  So you may be wondering what made him so great.  Well, we’ll explore that, but first let’s review the clip. Barely more than cutting room floor refuse, Scott’s Prometheus’ impressionistic trailer has kept audiences riveted for most of the last year.

Continue reading