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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: Conflict Resolution for Entertainment Combat

4 Feb

Reviewing this last week in Hollywood, we can see entertainment combat can be resolved in many ways. Some contests just conclude.  Some opponents choose contrasting forms of battle.  Some opponents choose just give in.  Some opponents regroup to win another day, etc.  We saw many contests this week.

With victors being specified, Oscar predictors would do well to take note in regard to SAG Award winners. With so many commentators present, there is no shortage of opinions in regard to this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVI predictions.  If you thought any competitions had died down in regard Comic book industry entertainment battles think again.  When tensions run high, given the antagonism between the reigning music industry talent shows like American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor modifications in casting can be severe consequences! And though untimely, we say good-bye to one of contemporary pop culture’s maestros of televised dance music culture.

Essential topics:

  1. SAG Awards
  2. Super Bowl XLVI Coverage
  3. Comic Book Movie Leaders Battle for Different Media
  4. The X Factor Cast Bloodbath
  5. R.I.P Don Cornelius

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