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2012 Golden Globes & HFPA: From a German/European POV.

16 Jan

LIH welcomes guest author article. 

By Sony

When Open Book invited me to write an article about this topic my first thought was, “to confess or not to confess” but then I decided to be honest: I’ve only watched the Golden Globes live once, in 2011 and solely because a special someone was presenting an award. Otherwise the GG‘s were just the final rehearsal for the Oscars in my opinion, and they weren’t worth the trouble to loose a night’s sleep for the show. Before I started my research in German, English and French newspapers I made a short opinion poll among some friends and colleagues. The result was: From 10 people I asked, 8 answered “GG? Let me think a moment, isn’t that the show where they predict the Oscar nominations?”  Only two knew about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association or (HFPA) and its connection to the GG‘s. Both complained about the intransparent criteria of; 1). admission to the HFPA as well as 2). the dubious nomination procedure.

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