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Women in Hollywood: Oscar Winning Directors

4 Jan

Welcome to the 4th. article in our five week series on Women in Hollywood.

By Ozzie

Since the first Academy Awards ceremony back in 1929, only four women have been nominated for best director and only one woman has won the award out of those four.

The first female nominee was Lina Wertmuller[1] in 1977 for her film Seven Beauties[2] which was spoken in Italian. In total, the movie was nominated for four awards (Best Director, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Original Screenplay) however it lost out to Sidney Lumet’s Network[3] and Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Noirs et blancs en couleur.[4]

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2012 Academy Awards—Billy Crystal Returns!

14 Nov

By Littlebells

In the wake of Bret Ratner’s resignation of producer to the show and Eddie Murphy’s departure as host, The Academy has less than three months to find a replacement host.  Since the news was released, suggestions for past hosts– such as Jon Stewart and Steve Martin– and first timers like Tina Fey and and Neil Patrick Harris have been circulating the web.[1]  There has also been talk about getting the Muppets (film debut this Thanksgiving), Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake, and Billy Crystal.

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