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Cosmopolis Female Characters

27 Jan

by Lurker

Over the course of the novel Cosmopolis, we encounter many female characters that are crucial to the story and in the interactions with the novel’s main character Eric Packer.  Watching female actors discuss what it takes to be successful in Hollywood, we often hear there is a lack of really good female parts.[1] In reading this story, there are 5 characters, which provide significant influence over Eric Packer and are all female. Sometimes there are attempts by fans to influence particular actors for parts in movies. We want to take a different approach and discuss these characters in an arch of what they embody and visually what they need to project in order to be successful in delivery of the character.  Continue reading

Oscar Nominations Revealed

25 Jan

By Lurker

For those of you who didn’t see the live event here’s a brief summary of the nominations from the Academy this year. The King’s Speech leads with 12 nominations and is definitely a fantastic movie! True Grit from Joel & Ethan Cohen has 10 nominations followed by the Social Network and Inception with 8 each.  Here’s the full list!  Continue reading

BAFTA Nominee Announcements Today!

18 Jan

A sampling of the nominations from the BAFTA today!

Mark your calendar’s to watch – Feb 13, 2011.

BLACK SWAN Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver, Scott Franklin
INCEPTION Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan
THE KING’S SPEECH Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin
THE SOCIAL NETWORK Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, Céan Chaffin
TRUE GRIT Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

127 HOURS Danny Boyle
BLACK SWAN Darren Aronofsky
INCEPTION Christopher Nolan

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2011 Golden Globe Awards: Preview

11 Jan


By: Open Book

The most highly anticipated part of all award shows is the red carpet events. Although, The Golden Globe Awards are a little-more laid back than the Oscars, they should not be taken lightly. For fashion designers awards shows like the Golden Globes and Oscars are big business and a way for them to advertise their products on the backs of celebrities. Many begin the task by sending a sea of correspondence to those nominated hoping for a bite. Some female celebrity’s are off the market like Natalie Portman (nominated this year for Best Actress in Black Swan) due her beauty contract with Dior. However, there are still those new to the arena like Jennifer Lawrence age 20, nominated for her performance in Winter Bones, has hired Elizabeth Stewart the stylist for Cate Blanchett to get her ready for these events.[1] It will be exciting to see those A-List celebrities like Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman who’ve repeatedly looked amazing on the Red Carpet make their return. Of the film actresses nominated this year. Who are you most excited to see on the Red Carpet?

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Hollywood Spin-Doctor: Part-1

9 Jan

By: Open Book

It’s been proven that in 2010 public interest in celebrity scandal was at an all time high. So much so that celebrities were getting more attention than regular news stories. Here are the major culprits leading the way in celebrity coverage in 2010.  According to a recent national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, cables news stations cover 54%, network news 27%, Internet news 15%, Newspapers 8% and Radio 4%.[1] Continue reading